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The Gas Safety Co. technical downloads are a great, free way to get the information you need to more safely store, handle and work with gases of every kind.

Feel free to download our gas safety sheets for your particular needs - and feel free to ask us about anything you don't see here. We aim to add new information, spec sheets and technical guides in response to client needs - so you can be sure that our downloadable gas safety resources will continue to grow over time.

Safety comes first
The Gas Safety Co. knows that the right information helps to make us safer - but gas data sheets, technical documents and reference sheets are just part of your comprehensive safety practices. Your organisation should use our free downloads in conjunction the right training, risk assessments and equipment. If you have doubts - ask. If you need guidance - ask. That's what we're here for, and we want to help.

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If you're not quite sure of the gas safety Technical information you need - don't worry. You can tap into our expertise, for free. For further advice and information, contact The Gas Safety Co.