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Gas Storage and Handling Online Product Catalogue

The Gas Safety Co. online catalogue gives you a range of gas safety equipment that is as broad as it is high quality. We supply gas safety products for every conceivable sector, so you're sure to find exactly what you want.

And if you need a little help finding the ideal equipment? That's where The Gas Safety Co.'s twenty years of expertise makes a real difference. Our Product Team is on hand to give you good advice, and help you find the safest solution.

The Gas Safety Co. Gas Accessories help with Control, Generation, Handling, Installation, Leak Detection, PPE, Servicing, and Storage.

The Gas Safety Co. Gas Adapters include EasiDaptor™, Hose Assemblies, Barbs and Connections, Push Fit Connectors, Smart Hose™ and Tube Connections.

The Gas Safety Co. Gas Fittings including Compression Fittings, Diaphragms, Distribution Systems, Inlet Filters, Manifolds and Piping.

The Gas Safety Co. Gas Gauges including Flow Gauges, Flow Meters, High Pressure Gauges, Low Pressure Gauges, and Replacement Gauges.

The Gas Safety Co. Gas Valves include Non Return Valves, 300 Bar Valves, and Excess Flow Valves.

The Gas Safety Co. Cylinder Accessories include great options for gas cylinder Storage, Fixings, Carts and Trolleys, Manifold Spares, and Wall Brackets.

The Gas Safety Co. gas pressure and output Regulators include Plated Brass regulators, Single Stage regulators, Stainless Steel regulators, and Two Stage regulators.

The Gas Safety Co. PPE offers a range of personal protective equipment for hot work, cryogenic gas handling and more - including Face Shields, Insulated Gloves, and Aprons.

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If you're not quite sure of the gas safety product you need - don't worry. You can tap into our expertise, for free. For further product advice and information, contact The Gas Safety Co.