Our Expert - David Bayliss

With a passion for innovation, David is the technical manager of The Gas Safety Co. David's skills are in demand with world-class organisations like Novartis, Intelligent Energy, and E.On. His inventions have made it safer to handle all kinds of gases. He is the 'expert's expert', designing training courses for some of the UK's most prestigious businesses and academic institutions.

David first worked with gases as a Ph.D student, handling cylinders of acetylene, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, oxygen and so on alongwith dewars of liquid nitrogen (and some radioisotopes too!). At this time, he discovered a talent for communicating knowledge to his undergraduate class - both practical, and hands-on.

It was whilst he was working for specialist pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer Galen Ltd., that his passion for training was allowed to flourish in product knowledge for new recruits and workplace skills training too - one of his duties as a senior manager. David learned more each year, and by the time he gained specialist gases training from BOC Gases and Gas Safe Consultants - well, you could say he was an 'old hand' in a young body.

BOC recognised David's abilities, selecting him to run safety seminars UK-wide. Gas Safe went a step further, asking David to write new training courses. David developed his 'Gas Safe in the Laboratory' training at this time - bridging the gap between his chemist's knowledge of gases, and his hands-on experience of handling and use. Nothing quite like it has come before. Naturally, it was an instant hit.

David became the 'go-to guy' for gas safety. When an East Midlands power station fell victim to a tragic accident, David created a new category of 'Hot Work Assessor Training' - filling a skills gap that other experts had failed to meet, despite their best efforts. When no course existed, David defined the new standard.

Across the world - from Ireland to India - people work more safely because of David's training. Yet, he has never rested on his laurels. A decade ago, David's training courses brought him into contact with BJ Industries Ltd. He told us of his desire to roll out a new level of 'blue ribbon' gas safety training - available to everybody, not just the select few. Retaining David's world-class knowledge - but now more accessible, cost-effective, and comprehensive. The Gas Safety Co. was born.

Today, The Gas Safety Co. is recognised as a UK leader in the safe storage, handling and use of compressed and cryogenic gasses. Our online product catalogue helps people in every corner of the UK to meet their vital safety needs - sometimes, with products David himself has invented, like the popular EasiDaptor ™.

Over more than ten years of growth, The Gas Safety Co. has kept up with the latest technology, like leak detectors and hydrogen gas generators. In fact, more than 'kept up': our expertise and service is so high, The Gas Safety Co. is now official training provider to the Institute of Safety in Technology & Research (ISTR). Or as we like to think of it: under David's auspices, The Gas Safety Co. has become the 'experts' expert'. We wouldn't have it any other way.