Leak Detection Spray

It is important that all equipment that is part of a gas system is checked for leaks after assembly and corrective action taken before use.

Always use leak detector solutions when looking for gas leakage.  Our leak detection spray TL4 is perfect for industrial systems. Don't use soapy water or washing up liquid.  Ensure the leak detector used is compatible with the materials used in the equipment construction.  The leak test solution should be applied to ALL joints.

  • Apply the leak detect solution to joints and any potential leakage points, such as at the point of connection of the cylinder valve with the regulator.
  • You should never apply leak test solution into a cylinder valve outlet.
  • If there is any frothing, the system should be immediately depressurised and the leak corrected.
  • Do not use the equipment until the leak has been rectified.
  • Ensure the area is dry by wiping with a clean lint free cloth after the check has been completed.
  • Once the leak has been rectified, re-purge air from the system prior to use .
  • Keep equipment clean. In particular oxygen regulators must be kept in a clean area when not in use.  If a pressure regulator is defective, replace it immediately.