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Gas Safety Consultancy, Installation, Site Services and Products.

If you want to know about The Gas Safety Co., nothing says more than the word 'complete'. We deliver complete gas safety solutions, and complete expertise, under the watchful eye of our founder, David Bayliss. That includes training for complete confidence; and yes - one of the most complete gas safety product ranges in the UK.

The Gas Safety Co. | Independent
The best gas safety products are the ones that offer the highest reliability, quality and value. Most importantly - they fit your unique requirements. Unlike some gas safety suppliers, The Gas Safety Co. isn't / we aren't tied to any one manufacturer - so we won't try to push a gas-related product that doesn't suit you 100%.

The Gas Safety Co. | Innovative
Where does safety innovation come from? At The Gas Safety Co., it comes from the top. Our founder, David Bayliss, is the designer of the popular EasiDaptor™ - the safe, simple way to connect gas regulators. We innovate in other areas, too: our gas safety training courses and workshops are constantly improved. Keeping them relevant to workplace needs - and making us the training partner of choice.  

Gas Safety Consultancy including Advice, Assessments, Reports and Hot Work Assessments.

We offer world-class consultancy services - making it easy to gain expert insight, quality assurance, manage risk, and reduce insurance costs.

Installation of Gas Fixtures, Manifolds, Pipelines and Regulators.

Professional installation of gas handling and storage equipment means greater peace of mind. Our GasTecUK installers are also quick, professional, and helpful.

Site services
Site Services including Gas Equipment Testing, Manifold Inspection, Pipeline Inspection and Safety Testing.

There's nothing more reassuring than the knowledge that your gas fixtures have been professional inspected and tested. From laboratory to factory floor, we can do the lot. Plus, we handle the gas safety paperwork, certification and inspection tags, too.

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To stay at the forefront of gas safety, we pride ourselves on responding to your needs. If you want to ask about a gas safety matter, discuss new services - and more - contact The Gas Safety Co.