Safety products and training for compressed cylinder and cryogenic gases.

The Gas Safety Co. | Sectors
The Gas Safety Co. supplies a leading range of the best gas safety equipment, with gas safety solutions for every customer: from industrial and technical users, to public sector clients and research labs. From medical institutions, to offshore and onshore oil and gas. From aquaculture to universities.

The Gas Safety Co. | Products
We provide products for safe gas use, gas storage safety, cryogenic liquid storage and handling, gas safety PPE, gas generating equipment, gas connection equipment, and more.

Our Product Team helps you select the right gas safety solutions. And we deliver to the UK, Europe and Internationally. Learn more about delivery here.

The Gas Safety Co. | Training
The Gas Safety Co. offers bespoke gas safety training, plus regular gas safety courses - onsite and offsite. In fact, and we are the official provider of gas safety workshops for the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR).

You can also download gas safety information here for free - including gas safety equipment data sheets in .pdf format.

The Gas Safety Co. | Contact
To learn more about our products, training, and bespoke gas safety services, contact The Gas Safety Co.

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